Sunday, December 26, 2010

Snowmania giveaway

Little giveaway for the New Year, to thank you, faithful readers and blogistas, for following both Art, the Beautiful Metaphor and Field and Fen, so I'm offering it in both places. A dozen wood handpainted pinbacks, some in black and gold, some in colors, all finished to withstand wear and abrasion.

They can be worn on lapels or hatbands, a couple of have a hole or two drilled in them, design feature in fact, but I wouldn't object to the new owner's using that to adapt to a pendant or other clever idea.

Here's a closer view

Anyway, if I don't already know your snailmail address, please email me with it at and let me know you'd like one. A pin, that is. Please let me choose which one, in case the one you chose was gone already and all the recriminations that entails. Oh, no, I'm thinking of Dollivers now..


  1. Oh, how pretty! May I have one, pretty please? I won't even tell you which ones I like because they may be gone to someone else. ;-)

  2. Would love one! Thanks for the nice offer and happy New Year!


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