Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Group Art, Round Robin Journal

Here's a photo offering of all the parts of the Round Robin Journal from the Ravelry website. Each participant created her own journal to send around the list of recipients, and mine came home yesterday. So I took pix of all the pages. To get closeups, click once on the image to get a separate pane, then click again to enlarge.

So I'm posting for everyone to enjoy, since the resulting group artwork is just great. Some of the artists already follow here, I think, and I'll make sure they all know to come in and enjoy.


maxine said...

I am so glad your journal made it home to you! I was equally delighted to get mine back. Though the art aspect went awry, it is still a lovely book to now fill further.

te_roti said...

Loving looking at all your creations. Drawing is something I have never been able to do although I would love to. Wish I was closer to you to get a lesson or two. Soooo disappointed I missed your journal in the flesh. Maybe the other one will turn up soon?


sapphireblue said...

I've always wanted to participate in one of those. The journal looks beautiful!