Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Drawings and journal pages

Some of these look like paintings, and people wonder how do you know when it's a drawing and when it's a painting? one way to think about this is that if the line is all important, regardless of whether there's color or a wash, it's a drawing. If the color and mass carry the meaning, it's a painting. Very rough and ready explanation, but good enough for government work, as they say.

Most of these works have been juried into shows or have been in my solo shows, and some have won recognition. Just so you know I didn't chuck a ton of random stuff on here! but there are literally hundreds and hundreds of other drawings set aside and just done for practice and the sheer pleasure of doing it.

Oh, how many drawings you do before you start getting the hang of it, even a bit! but once you start to explore you start to see how very much there is yet to learn and know and the adventure is on. The game's afoot! and I've added some people to the email listing, in case you wondered how you got here. I'm a longtime Plainsboro Library art supporter, so even if you haven't met me, I'm at your meetings in spirit!

This drawing is done with wire, with an amber bead added, on artistmade paper

And you can draw with wire and make wall sculptures like this school of fish

Three pears, ink and wash, journal page

Evergreen cone in sepia pencil

Pencil drawing from a photograph of Virginia Woolf, journal page

Pencil drawing, reclining figure

Drawing done under stress in hospital, emergency visit for once I was the patient, and there was only the back of a menu and a stub of pencil available..

Journal page pencil drawing

Line drawing of client cat in kitchen, from petcare business days

Beloved departed Dalmatian KC in typical evening pose, ink and wash

Ink and wash, still life of bowl of fruit. My family is trained to check before they eat whether or not it's my model

Ink drawing, self portrait in glum mood

Ink drawing, many cats, in fact one cat's activity over a few minutes' time

Ink, charcoal, pencil drawing of adult woman, with herself as child inset

Ink drawing, contour style, of one side of studio

Ink line drawing, cats and calla lilies

Ink, head of long departed dear cat of my heart, Annabelle, feral beauty who would let only me of all the human race, touch her

Ink, Annabelle once more

HP sleeping, ink drawing

Ink and wash, two cats and sofa

Gardening journal page, ink

Contour drawing, crown of thorns plant

Charcoal on brown paper, this looks like a group of people but in fact is a group of burlapped evergreens in the nursery in winter

Pen, backview nude


curlierthanthou said...

what a delicious entry, Liz
all these yummy pieces...
i feel as if i just had a visit with you.
a profound treat. thank you!!!!!

(i perceived jingle bells at the tops of your burlap grouping!)

dianesowo said...

I felt like I was getting a glimpse inside your heart when I was looking at these. They are lovely!

sapphireblue said...

I love the pears!