Friday, December 10, 2010

Dolls and Toys

I have been known to make toys for various purposes, ranging from little comfort dolls which went to an African AIDS clinic for children orphaned by AIDS and some of them with the disease themselves. Anyone who would like to take part in this effort can be in touch with ICross Canada, google them, they're good guys.

This is a group from dozens I made, great fun to do.

And this is the first of what became the Dollivers, in her silk knitted undies

awaiting her clothes

Who knew what a force she and her sisters would become,

with adventures chronicled in my other blog, Field and Fen.

They involve themselves in every part of life they could get their yarny mitts on

Such as the Thanksgiving duck hunt, but the trophies became new friends

New dresses ready to vote

And celebrating the rescue of the Chilean miners, complete with hard hats and Hola! banner

And I have made some bears destined for children in Haiti, and another one for a local baby, couldn't leave him out

The Dollivers threw a farewell bash for the bears before they set off on their long journey

And then there's the occasional knitted mouse

this one created from the first yarn I ever spun, and given to the friend whose gift of a hand spindle caused the spinning to break out.

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