Monday, December 6, 2010

The conversation of knitting

The useful things I knit, not the wallhangings, are usually made as gifts. It's a conversation between the recipient and me, and what happens is that I really want to design or adapt or generally create a new item, then, as I work with it, it becomes clear who should be the eventual receiver of it.

I've made many more than I show here, but often my eagerness to give the gift gets ahead of my remembering to take a picture of it! so this is just a sampling of the last year and a bit's output.

This is a really interesting pattern, a scarf that's both triangular and long, and works like a scarf, a hood, a stole, whatever the recipient wants! knitted on number 10 US circulars, with harvested wool yarn.

This tiny shrug eventually found a baby in Texas whose mom was so pleased that her new daughter had something that wasn't pink!

The recipient of this was eventually, me! it works as a necktie or as a belt

HP models his easy on slippers.

These are incredibly simple to make: just a square, but it's the way you sew it that makes it work. In order to get the strap to fit snugly, I crocheted it with the slipper on my foot. You do what ya gotta do.

This little mouse was knitted from yarn I had spun from original raw fleece, my first output, and was inevitably destined for the person who had given me the hand spindle I learned to spin on.

I've knitted this spiral sock for several friends -- one size fits all, and it's very nice to wear, also, as one recipient sagely pointed out, the design makes it skidproof on floors.

This bag came with me to a solo exhibit of mixed media I was hanging, and got more attention than the work on the walls.

Handsome Partner in his fingerless gloves, which we can get onto his hands for days when he feels chilly.

This is in fact not knit, it's crochet, a bath puff thingie. Very addictive, you can't stop till you run out of yarn

This is a summer afghan for wheelchair using HP, knitted in the log cabin pattern of a spiraling series of rectangles.

Useful door snake in action -- snake slides under door, and each side has this puffy snake, so it opens and closes with the door.

This cashmere scarf, harvested from thrift store sweater, went to a friend who really needed a soft friendly scarf to wear. The crocheted purse is a pocket for my cellphone, hangs around my neck at all times, in case of emergency needs.

Boud models HP's backup slippers, easy-on, very warm.

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Wow! You are a giving soul!