Thursday, December 23, 2010

Artist-made jewelry

This is a series of pieces I made, and sold a lot of, a few years ago, but still have a few lying around! jewelry is great fun, because not only does it ask that you work in small scale, but it needs you to understand how the piece will lie on a human body, how the pinback will hang without drooping, how to work within new constraints.

The circular pins are painted on a wooden base, about a little over an inch in diameter, and they kept on turning into landscapes, which is fine by me!

The more irregular shape rounded pins are in fact on bases of eyeglass lenses I found in the street, with my handmade paper molded over it, and painted with scenes. They're about two and a half inches at the widest point.

And the pins that look like little buildings are all about two inches across, and are my handmade beads, which I organized onto backings.

Paper jewelry is close to indestructible if it's finished right, and they have the advantage of being light so you can easily wear them without feeling weighted down by a big piece like the eyeglass lens ones. I put several coats of nail polish on all these pieces, to seal them and protect the surface. Also so that they would be safe to wear, nail polish already being designed for use on the body.

These pieces are all under $20 US, and are still available.

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