Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sunday summer afternoon of music and friends

No pix permitted during the performance, so I did a couple of quick ones before. Duet from the NJ Symphony playing a wide range of music for dance from all over the world. They inserted a lot of educational info about the music, its history, the instruments they played -- double bass and violin. They invited questions from the audience too, and were on top of all of it. The hall was packed with a crowd of all sorts of ages, nationalities, typical of the town.  Very receptive to the program.

 The players tuning up ahead of time.

Just a great time with professional players who enjoyed the performance, too. Met a couple of old friends there, showed them around the art exhibit a few yards away, introduced a couple to each other, just a good time. One of those events I wondered if I could be bothered and ended up very glad I went.

The event was part of an arts grant from the State arts council, I'm guessing to keep up interest in classical music by making it accessible and friendly.

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