Friday, June 8, 2018

Playing with stamps and carving

A while back I talked about carving with wood.  And I did give it a try, whittling, and other carving.  But I found again that my hands just aren't up to it, and this didn't prosper.  So I took a break to think about this and get over it.  The same tools are equally good for other carving. And now I'm playing with carving again, but on a softer material.  It's fun to draw your design on large erasers, which make great blocks, and do a few stamping experiments. Over the years I've made a few carved stamps, and used them in artist books, and as part of bigger artworks, so this is a continuation of that strand.

I wanted to capitalize on my Chinese ink drawing from earlier, and drew a design with carpenter's pencil, to carve from.  I will do more of this, now that I've thought of combining the two forms.

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