Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Gift from the knitting group

Last meeting an old lady came, new member, keen sewer and crocheter, not sure what to make, so she started a little granny square. When I admired it she gave it to me, over protest. And I realized she'd made a scissor tag, at least that's how I could use it right away. I showed her my embroidery scissors with a chunk of yarn which has been waiting years to be replaced. And she promptly crocheted a chain, and attached it!  Lovely spontaneous gift.

The picture shows the creator, my new tag, and a bag she designed and made. Picture quality not very good, shot against the light, and she was ready to leave. But better than not seeing her work.


  1. What a lovely gift and exciting that it was spontaneous like that. She must have been so pleased to see you put it to immediate use.

  2. Yes, and I think she was happy to have made her presence felt. She can only work for a short time, joint problem, so it was all the sweeter.


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