Wednesday, April 11, 2018

New stitching adventure

What with one thing and another, the transparency of some of the antique quilts at a recent display for the embroiderers' guild, thanks, Lyna, and the transparent images I made a while ago from my own artwork printed on fine silk, and then some recent views of goldwork, thanks Evie...

It all came together in a rush, and here's my new stitching, set up and ready to work with.  

I have here a backing of a satiny sort of fabric with a sparkly fleck in it, with two transparent layers, one a photograph I printed on silk, the other a line drawing of a tree from the same trees in the photograph, but at a different season.

So I need to put in stay stitches first, to stabilize it for work.  Then I might rehoop it in a smaller hoop, I'll see.  My stitching will go through all three layers, so they need to lie well together.

I already did a choice of threads to use, maybe not all of them, but this range anyway. Silk, and some actual gold thread for goldwork, and other metallic threads.  Starting it at stitch-in this evening.

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