Sunday, March 4, 2018

Way to spend a late winter Sunday afternoon

Membership meeting of the Princeton Chapter EGA, and with the return of a member from the sick list, and an introduction to a potential new member and skilled stitcher, and a lot of stitching forms in progress, a lively afternoon happened.  Full disclosure: your humble blogger does not have a stitching in progress, so worked on her cashmere sock.

And brought in Mittens-sourced items for presents, which went home with half a dozen stitchers.  Rug hooks, for a member, seen below in quilt mode, who teaches many stitching forms, and has added them to her toolkit.  Bone crochet hooks to another, laying tools to another.  All went home happy.

Anyway, if you'd been there, you'd have enjoyed all these works:

Florence deciding on the background color for this artwork, and considering the dark blue

Carol almost done with another needlepoint pillow, I think a Kaffe Fassett design

Other Carol, center in great jacket, teaching today's counted cross stitch project

Lyna, modeling a great shisha stitched top

Above and below, wonderful fine needlepoint work, yes that's stitching, not a printed design!

If anyone's counting, there was an approximate 70 year difference  from youngest to oldest in today's group.  Kindred spirits don't see barriers there!

So it was fun, and I almost fell into guild blog mode here, but it's just my art blog, don't get carried away...


  1. What beautiful stitchery, all of it. That fine canvas work is amazing and I love the Shisha embroidery too. So much to try, so little time.

  2. I never tire of seeing what people get up to with needle work. We've always done it, in one form or another, and this is just lovely to see in progress.
    It's also nice to see things I'll never use being used so joyfully.

    That's what it's about, after all.


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