Thursday, March 1, 2018

More adventures in looking, picture books

I've become interested in picture book illustrators lately, not a form I want to try particularly, just to learn about and enjoy appreciating.

And I found a great book at the libe which is a kind of buffet of artists writing about themselves, showing drafts and finished works, all directed to children.  

So they write simply and in a friendly style.  It's very enjoyable for adults to browse through, too.

Especially this lovely entry towards the end. 

 I was surprised because I had been skipping the prose and looking at the pictures (!) and when I opened this, not knowing what to expect, it had the full effect on me!

I really recommend this book for just fun, no matter whether there are kids in your life or not.  You might be the kid in your life. 

The people behind this book can be found at the Carle Museum in Massachusetts, Amherst to be exact, and their website is here 
They have a blog which shows various programs they offer, mainly to children, but very good for beginning artists of any age. You can access the blog through their main website, and sign up for the RSS feed, which I have now done.

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