Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Apron revisited and improved

Margaret, a stitcher friend, gave me this all-cotton apron a while back, white, ready for any decoration. I dyed it a while ago with turmeric, random dye, and finally today I got around to altering it to give it pockets.

Just turned up the hem, using fusible web to stitch the sides, added in two more inner seams to make three pockets, then played with stencils.  

A food related motif seemed about right, using marker. I may actually stitch those seams to reinforce them, too. 

Hanging in the kitchen, here, showing how the three pockets work.  Like a carpenter's apron.  But in use, they don't flop open. 



  1. Aaarghghg I accidentally deleted a comment from Asha, sorry. She said this idea is neat, in case you wondered! Small screen, tiny buttons, big fingers. But the comment much appreciated before I sent it into oblivion.

  2. I delete a comment every now and then, and it's a bit of a forehead-smack every time!
    Do you wear aprons for artwork and such? I always think an apron will be useful for gardening and kitchenstuff and printmaking (if and when), but I never seem to remember to put one on. Every time I go through my "wardrobe" as seasons change, I rediscover a long denim thriftshop vest bought specifically to use as an apron when dyeing. And every time I come across it I think, "what a great idea this was!" And then I hang it up and forget about it again.

  3. I wear aprons mainly in the kitchen, vital since there's stuff flying everywhere. And after one
    of the neighbors saw me in my stripey chef apron she was instantly impressed with my obvious cooking skills. Yeah, i know, I can't see it either. But my prestige rose! The new apron has already been used, bread baking, flour etc.

    I never worry about changing to make art even charcoal drawing, painting, etc. One of my instructors said I was the only person she knew who could come to life drawing, in the white sweater I had worn to the previous part of the day, work vigorously in charcoal for three hours and have none of it on me.

    I think I did wear an apron for dyeing come to think of it.

    For gardening I'm so intent on it I hardly remember gloves.


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