Sunday, February 18, 2018

Two more little paintings, moving indoors and to the city for these

Moving away from the outdoor rural sorts of subjects in the last couple of days.  Here's a facescape 

and a cityscape

The palette, range of colors, I'm using, is mostly from the transparent nonstaining colors, aureolin yellow, alizarin crimson, cobalt and I think viridian. And a bit of burnt umber, but only a bit.

It's practically impossible to make mud accidentally with these, so I recommend them if you're wondering what colors to work with to embark on watercolor painting.   And all the paintings to date I've done with a half inch flat brush. No pencil marks ahead of time, plunge in with the brush.  Just fyi.  And the paintings themselves are perfectly rectangular, but my camera skills are imperfect so they don't always appear that way.

As to the content of these pieces, I have a good idea of what I was saying, but I don't like to impose it on the viewer. Always open to hearing what you see in any of my work, though, because that's sometimes a surprise, sometimes not, but always useful.


  1. I love the two faces, noticed that they are very different: the left hand one has an upturned nose, a worried smile, and has a generally upbeat look--the opposite one is more dour, serious, even the nose points down! was this intentional? It almost appears that the right hand person had been chastizing the left hand person.

  2. Thank you! Yes, every part of my work is intentional. It's about a dispute, possibly a before and after scenario, maybe two different takes on what's happening there in the background, it's open to interpretation, and thank you for yours.

    Technically speaking, it's about found edges, where the background forms the shapes in the foreground. Where the shapes melt is about lost edges. Important parts of the watercolor convention.

  3. I love both of these, especially the city scape. I love the two faces as well and one of them does have quite a quarrelsome look about it. Fabulous. :)


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