Friday, February 16, 2018

Making art and learning about other art

I turned in two more small paintings, sort of pleased with them.  The hitch about making art is that it never comes up to your plans, and you just have to do your best and move on, taking the learning with you.

I recently started following a lovely account on Twitter, of an illustrator who posts daily an image from an illustrator, some of whom I know, such as the Moomin creator, some of whom I'm only vaguely familiar with, and all of whom I think I need to know better.

At the moment it's about picture books, and since my own acquaintance with them is slight, other than Ezra Jack Keats, for whose major birthday celebration I led a community giant artwork based on The Snowy Day, that was great fun, where was I, oh yes, I am planning on getting to know picture books much better.  It's a whole area of art that I can explore and learn from.

Starting here with Quentin Blake, whose The Five of Us is a marvelous parable of inclusion, differences, friendship,fun, bravery, problem solving, and all done in a virtuosic ink and wash.

 Do you have picture book illustrators to recommend? I'm open to all suggestions on this.

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  1. These painting are really lovely. I like the top one the best.


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