Thursday, January 4, 2018

Snow Day and January Little Art Book Day Four

As they say, it's good to be a maker, because everything's copy.

Today's storm, dramatically described as a bomb cyclone, started early, and it seems to consist of high winds blowing snow sideways, but not settling as much on my car as feared. Up to now anyway. Mostly a white out, but a break now and then as here
It closed down much of the region, including my music playing and tomorrow's afternoon tea, but freed up time.

So it worked as useful material for my Day Four of the Little January Art Book.  Brush and Chinese ink, and charcoal pencil.

And the Winnowing of the Studio continues unabated. All this is usable and good stuff, but needs to go to another artist's studio, or many of them.  Offering it around locally next week, once the storm abates and we get moving again.

It's much harder to winnow art supplies because there's a greater emotional valency to them.  They all suggest new ideas, roads not taken, excitement, disappointment, satisfaction, completion, all sorts of things crop up as you try to sort.  And I use so many materials in multiple ways that they can't easily be sorted into categories. 

But it also clears a path for future work.  Just getting the old embroidery out, and the yarns and that kind of thing which I'm not working in now, is great, since they were really standing across my path.

I'm halfway around the studio at this point...I can only manage one shelf at a time.  This is all materials. Haven't got to any actual artwork winnowing yet.


  1. had a lovely post already to go, and the power went out. Rrrrr. Let's try again.
    I understand exactly what you mean, I've been delving and dredging those ponds for about three winters now. Most of this goes to the Salvation Army, some goes to those folks who really really need crochet hooks and hoops and bits of stuff. ahem.

    It's hard to part with possibilities, and there is always 'what if' hovering behind you, like a greedy archangel. But as you say, it can be freeing, you don't have to deal with the guilt of too much stuff and not enough time: and creatively we all do move on, at some stage.

    Proud of ya. And you will have made a number of creative people very happy in the process.

  2. Thank you, just what I needed to hear! Timing is 90% of life. Or something!


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