Monday, January 1, 2018

New Year, new book, new leaf 2018

I was sort of mumbling and wandering about today up in the studio, partly doing a lot of winnowing ready to donate art materials that belong with someone other than me at this point, partly wondering what to make next.

January is usually a fallow time in art for me, can't make much, but I wondered if I could do a little something anyway.  And in the course of winnowing, I came across one more of the little booklets I made a while back, with the Chinese ink drawing on the cover.  And pages already installed but not stitched.

Then I remembered sister dogonart's great idea for her art group, to whom I'd sent books like this recently.  She challenged the group to make some art on page one of their books, ready for their next meeting.  And I thought what a great idea.  And now that I found a book for me, thought I could do that, too!  

What I plan is to do a small drawing or painting or something each day in January, most probably drawing, and I instantly found a charcoal pencil, and did a rapid drawing of sleeping Marigold all clumped up on the sofa.  

I fixed it with a spritz of hairspray, no need for expensive fixatives, only use hairspray on art, not hair!

So Day One of the January book, no sooner thought of than done, and thank you dogonart and the CQTeers.  This is the first charcoal drawing I've done in ages.

I think this may be an offshoot of my musings about journals.  Perhaps this is a form of journal for me.  Hadn't thought of that.  But the brain does a lot of work we don't know much about.


  1. Well, here's a howdeyedo. Mittens wrote a beautiful comment, which I was reading on my tablet, barely saw it before I went to hit publish, and accidentally hit delete and now I can't retrieve it. Blogger is unmoved by my plight. Even says the comment was rejected, which it was not...sigh.

  2. mittens has left a new comment on your post "New Year, new book, new leaf 2018":

    I think you nailed it, Liz; I don't keep a journal, never did. I was always afraid of writing down in a journal what I should be writing down as a short story or a poem. And for me, poetry IS a journal. For you, it's art. It shows you and anyone who cares to look where you've been and where you are now.
    And I love the picture of Marigold.

    I found a backup, and despite Blogger telling me that post no longer exists, heh, I cut and pasted, and here it is. So there.

  3. I, of course, am part of said challenge and it IS a challenge for me to make any sorts of mark in any book, so I'm struggling. Old habits of a lifetime die hard and I can hear the voice of my mother in my head telling me that books are precious things and should not be marked up (or...horrors....the pages folded down). I know - I need to get over myself. AND - good on you for defeating the Blog-grrrrr giant!

  4. Maybe if you think of it as a notebook? Can't wait to see what you do.

  5. Its supposed to be a fun thing Magpie, the art police are NOT watching. You'll just roll your eyes when you see what I've done!!
    Love your sketch Liz and the sort of journal idea. We here treat you as part of the CQTeers in case you didn't know.
    Happy New Blog Year!

  6. Happy New Year! Looking forward to another year of your art adventures! :)


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