Friday, January 5, 2018

Little January Art Book Day Five Teapots

Today more hectic than planned, since I had to somehow get my car out of the snow and moved before the snowcats came to dig out the parking lot.  Incredible cold, high wind, which tires a person, also a large bag of garbage I'd left on my step and forgotten to heave over to the dumpster needed attention.  Neighbors not around so this was a solo deal today.  They probably took it to heart that I don't want to have everything done for me, since I've explained that as long as I can do for myself, I love to.  Serves me right..

I was in high anxiety in case the bag of garbage had frozen to the step overnight.  Since it was in front of the door leading to my show shovels, spades, etc., this might have been a problem.  But thanks to the generous amounts of snowmelt the maintenance people had strewn around, a lot of which is now on my floors, I was able to pick up the bag okay.

All that done, and since I was all dressed up, I fought my way out of the snowed up patio door to refill the bird feeder, they needing suet more than ever in this temp.  And almost before I'd come in one of our Carolina wrens showed up ready to dig in.  Swiftly followed by the redbellied woodpecker and all the other hungry fellers.

This weather-related exciting information is pertinent to the fact that this morning, before any of this, I finished the moebius cowl, the llama yarn, and got to wear it right away.  The openwork is very effective for trapping warmth around your face, and the moebius even more so.  So here's the finished item.

The colors are natural ones, just as they came in the course of the spinning. I'm guessing the Bolivian cooperative of women was using up ends.  So it's had its maiden outing already.

Then, while I was looking for a pilot pen, later in the afternoon, to do my daily drawing, did not succeed in finding one, I did find a ball of crochet yarn which I'd dyed in variegated blue for another project.  Enough left for a budgie! and the variegated blue perfect for feathery verisimilitude.  I have to stuff and stitch the second, yellow one, then I can get underway with this third one. Well, full disclosure, I have to find, then stuff etc, the second..No picture of the yarn, you'll see it when it's a budgie.

Anyway, what I did find to draw with was an HB graphite stick, really lovely to hold, heavy but not too much, like a pencil but much better.

So, along the lines of my policy that whatever's there is good to draw, I used the Japanese clay, left, and Chinese porcelain, right, teapots on the windowsill as my models for a rapid drawing. And it occurred to me you might like to see the scene I'd adapted it from. 

This kind of drawing, whatever's there, is the least demanding form of drawing, asking not much more than a bit of technical attention. Highly recommended. No need to wander about looking for a subject. The world's full of subjects.  And you're not trying to render a photographic version, but you are trying to convey the feeling about the subject. At least, that's the plan.


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