Sunday, January 14, 2018

Little January Art Book, aka LJAB Drawings 13 and 14

Drawings 13 and 14 for your viewing pleasure here.  Catching up to today.

 Chinese ink, broad brass pen, fine tip crowquill.  Interesting objects get a nod here, too, aside from the dieffenbachia which is the star of the drawing.  On that top shelf at right is a Jersey Lilypad glass pitcher, pale bluish, craftsman blown at the same south Jersey glassworks as the original lilypads.  There are only a handful of the originals, all in museums. My modern one has all the hallmarks of handblown, pontil mark on the bottom, drawnup overlay of glass for the lilypad effect, all that. Great craftsmanship.

Next to it is a little china cup translated into a pincushion, lovely gift of friend Kate, who has a great touch in gifting, one I  envy.

View downstairs from halfway up, interesting because of all the angles.  Graphite stick and pilot pen. Moderate success here. And on that shelf at right is an indication of the handmade basket I use for keys and things.  Gift of Carol Q, very good basketmaker, and it's had many lifetimes, holding brushes, notes, now vital keys near the door.  Just a shoutout, not a realistic rendering.

Each drawing reminds me of something I need to do better, slow down, focus, or something I want to try next in this little book.  Interesting journey.  Unusual for me to be able to make art in January, but perhaps it's because each little page is undemanding, and I set up a structure ahead of time.

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