Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Drawing Day Ten, music room

Moving to another location for the tenth day of drawing, to the Nook, where I play music, do my workout, grow plants and organize my wardrobe such as it is.

This is carpenter's pencil 2B, and pilot pen finishing

Alto recorder on stand, looking a bit menacing.  It does look a bit like a snake, but that's not what I think of when I play it. Tomorrow it will get a trip to a duet session.

I think the blue effect is the result of photographing with snowlight coming in the window.  It seems to cast a lot of blue on the white paper.

And this is the start of a second signature.  The first nine days used up four folded sheets, with one two-sided one.  I'll saddle stitch them together.  Then the next sig of four folded sheets, keep them separate until drawn on, then add them in.  Final sig will finish up the month, maybe I'll add in a folded sheet.  Then the three sigs, each stitched separately, will be joined and attached to the cover of the book.  

This is a handy way of making a stitched book without being committed to a given order of pages.  I can reshuffle if it reads better in a different order, before stitching.  No need to worry about chronological order of execution. 

On another topic, but one which probably influenced the way this drawing came out, a bit distracted, proportions askew.  My dad's birthday today.  He would have been 123 if he'd lived.  He made it to about half that, though.  Relatives' birthday stay with me long after their days of death have vanished in memory, probably I prefer that.

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