Saturday, January 6, 2018

Day Six drawing for Little January Art Book, interrupted by budgies

These knitted budgies, from Claire Garland's pattern, find it on Ravelry, take on a life of their own before they're finished. Still searching for something to draw with, I found the bag with the unfinished yellow budgie and the completed blue one.

So I had to settle for drawing with a ballpoint pen, while the birds clamored to be finished and then perched. They're the avian equivalent of the Dollivers.  And this means I found the tools to make the second blue budgie, while I was at it. Making three budgies in all, as Bertie Wooster would probably put it.

Kate H. sends me amazing links, real mental workout, and the latest, a question arising from a BBC program, tickled me no end.  In the course of looking at the listing,  of In Our Time, a BBC talky program, I found a podcast on Hokusai, one of my fave woodblock print artists (you know the Wave? and many others, that's him).

So while I was listening to this solemn discussion of the picture plane and  artistic interpretations and international influences, on and by a great artist, I was stuffing a budgie. 

Hokusai too, however, believed that you can draw just anything that's there. I knew I got that idea from somewhere.

So today's daily drawing is of the materials and detritus left after the Stuffing of the Budgie.

And here he, the budgie, not Hokusai, is posing with his elder, Budgie Firstborn.

Before they flew up and perched in this handy tree.

Actually, come to think of it, Hokusai would probably be amused at this, given that he's the guy who set a live rooster, feet dipped in red paint, to wander about a huge watercolor he'd set up, as a demo for the Shogun.  Named it Leaves in Autumn or something. He gets incongruity.


  1. Do you know about "The Ghost Brush" by Katherine Gouvier. She is a local author with an interesting view on Hokusai.

  2. That's new to me. I'll check into it.


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