Friday, October 20, 2017

The Divine Miss J does it again

Another exciting parcel from my New England friend Judy T., and here's the latest, all sorts of goodies related to rug making, also some suede and leatherette fabric, which will definitely have a use chez Boud, and in a lovely tin, too.  Two jewelry pieces intended for presenting to Handsome Son, who's always making stuff.

Not wasting a moment, after she advised me that some of these items, not shown here, see below, were calligraphy pens, and where to see more info about them, I got right into grinding more ink, to do more play with pens. 

These are brass pens, in four sizes, and I tried them all, to see how flexible the nibs are, how to hold them, how to lean in on them and so on.  They're like the posh version of carpenter's pencils, in a way, in that there's a wide flat face and corners you can use.  The reservoir behind the nibs holds a surprising amount of ink, considering how big a stroke you make with it.  They're a lot easier to clean than brushes, as an aside.

Then I went on to try an actual image

There are many flaws in this, just showing you a bit of playtime.  I went from knowing zero about what these even were, this morning, before the mail came, to playing with them in a very short time.  I love this!  I know more than I knew this morning.  This is why I keep getting up each day..

More will happen with this new set of toys.

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  1. Actually I do rather like the picture, it's all ribbony and fluttery... Very impressive, for a first time out with new toys. Hang on to something long enough and it will find a home. Those pens were a present to me from someone equally art inclined, but she had no patience for them either. I look forward to seeing where you get with these...


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