Monday, October 2, 2017

Lily and iris book added to exhibit

Moving along with the artist books, I finished another this weekend.  This has pages from the iris paper, and the covers are from the lily flower paper.  

Simple stitching to secure pages to back.  The spine is a strip of hand dyed silk, dyed with natural materials.  

And there are a couple of stencils, one of an iris to honor the producer of the raw material, one a general floral, because flower heads went into making the cover.

Simple construction but complex meanings in this book. All the materials for the paper and the dyeing came from my immediate surroundings.  Three local gardens, including mine.

All my books are available for sale, and the eventual owner can either just enjoy them as an artwork, or add to the pages with your own drawing, writing, stamping.  As you go along let me know if any interest you, and I will quote a price.  I like to price art where people can actually own it, so don't be shy about asking.  

Most of the books will be in the November exhibit at West Windsor Library, and if any are sold, I will ask the buyer to allow me to ship them at the close of the show, usual arrangement when exhibited work is sold.   Nearer the time I'll post a complete set of pix of the books for you to see.

And, as always, I encourage you to try your own hand!  it's great fun to make your own, too. 

I have individual sheets of handmade paper, approx 8x5 inches, which you can buy if you want to embark on a project yourself.  This is paper which can be drawn on with marker, or pencil, or fine pen, or stamped, stitched and stenciled.  Not for use for waterbased media, though, it will melt!  Can be incorporated into your collage work, too.  I'll make a post with the sorts of paper and how much is available, and prices, if you're interested.  Give me a shout if so.

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