Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Moss painting followup

A while back, I made up some moss paint, and decorated my planter boxes on the fence with it,  for added interest there, they being ordinary cedar boxes, weathering slowly.

For weeks and weeks there was no sign of anything! it dried, and seemed to have vanished.  Then, in the last couple of days, signs of life.  The moss appears to be starting to take hold.

Just a shadow now, but this means they are starting to grow. And that the torrential rains we've had since the painting was done didn't, as I feared, wash all the moss off to land on the ground.

So I took a couple of pix, and you see the irregular shapes I painted in.  This sort of environment is better with more random markings than over-organized ones.

This being the case, I took out the rest of the paint from the freezer, thawed it and chucked it at the other fence, to form a freeform backdrop to the bare twigs of the yellow roses, anyway, that's the plan. 

 So now again, all I have to do is wait and see if it takes.  Spectator art.

You can click on the label at the bottom of this post, if I've done it right, to see the blogpost where I talked about the recipe for this paint, which I used right away after making it.  We'll see if the fungi survive the freezer.  I'm guessing they will since they are long lived in this climate where it freezes every year anyway. 

This is the intersection of art and gardening. Fun, too.  I believe you can use this paint to decorate pots, too, but mossy pots are not really my cup of tea.


  1. Now that is really cool! I did always wonder how they made mossy pots! I don't think I would like it for myself but they have a quaintness about them.

    Looking forward to seeing how your fence comes along.

  2. It was a pleasant surprise to find I'm not the only blogger left in the world. I really should get out more!

    Good luck with the moss paint.


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