Thursday, August 17, 2017

Honoring Florence, and Knitting a Budgie!

I have to start with a shout-out to Florence K, friend, and stitcher extraordinaire, about to be profiled in our Embroiderers' Guild newsletter, and I did the pic of her with the first piece of embroidery she ever did.  

When I tell you she has great grandchildren, you will see that this was a while back!  It's a lunchbag, which she constructed, learning all the stitches, and how to apply snaps, then finished with the cross stitch monogram in a design.  Her work now is a far cry from this first effort, done when she was about eight.  She creates heirlooms nowadays for lucky descendants.

And since another event was cancelled this afternoon, I had to make something, to deal with the sudden vacuum.  So I decided to knit a budgie.  Obvious, really.

 Size three needles, free pattern from dotpebbles, see here and I'm using crochet cotton I had dyed in variegated blue for another project.  Seemed like a natural for a blue and white feathered subject.  There will be stitching after it's made, too, to add features, colors, and so on. Watch this space.This is a bi-stitchual project.

It's a Claire Garland, dotpebbles on Ravelry and Twitter, design.  She's the creator of the design from which I adapted the Dollivers, and has been very encouraging about their exploits.  Nice person, lovely designer, great pattern maker. Very generous with free patterns.

Anyway, this budgie, aka parakeet, just seemed to need to be knitted.  I've had many parakeets, so there's an interest in this for avian reasons.  And this one won't peck me when it's annoyed.

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