Thursday, August 3, 2017

Drawing August, and honesty germinates

Finally after a long hiatus from drawing, made two ink drawings on my handmade paper, and posted them to #drawingaugust on Twitter. But they're here, too.

One is on iris/abaca paper, and I was happy with the texture for drawing on, nice and close, and hospitable.  These are the yellow flowers on the deck which come back year after year, forget what they are, it's been so long since I planted them.

The other is some of the succulents in the strawberry pot on the deck, and the paper is yellow onion paper, which actually makes red paper, and which I leatherized.

This is probably a word invented by my papermaking teacher, Joan Needham, a fabulous paper artist and sculptor, also a teacher whose lessons stay with you.  You leatherize by painting a solid coat of white glue on the paper and letting it dry.  It then becomes slightly shiny, and tough, looks exactly like leather.  I'm thinking, since this succeeded nicely with this piece, of using it as artist book covers for future uses. And I have some other thoughts about it.  I think you could make a nice wallet or phone case with it.

Meanwhile, after torrential rain yesterday, I see the honesty seeds I put in  a while back, have started to germinate, yay.  

The seedpods are those lovely silvery ones, which I can use decoratively or in my future papermaking adventures. But first, purple flowers. There's nothing like growing your own art materials.

About germination, the three tiny succulents in the house are now clearly visible if you stoop down and squint.  A friend stopped in the other day, did this, since she also loves propagating plants, and after studying them a bit, said, well, it doesn't take much to amuse you!

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  1. Yay for seeds germinating! I hope they grow big and strong.


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