Saturday, August 19, 2017

Budgie takes life, a bit eerie in a way

Budgie progress, now knitted, and I'm in the process of choosing interesting colors for extra feathers. 

 Knitted but not yet stuffed, not my favorite part

Stuffed and ready for additional feathers and overstitching to emphasize his beak.

Suddenly came to life and is taking part in the choosing, this is a bit scary!

The odd thing about making dolls, or animals, is that they start to take on personality so fast in the making.  Handsome Son was visiting last evening, took a look at my budgie, compared it to the one in the pattern and commented that mine already had a different personality.  So true.

This is a terrific small idea for using up yarn leftovers.  And, if you stitch in the eyes rather than use beads as I did, they're nice handsize toys for little kids. Mine came out approximately lifesize.

And watch this space.  This may be the first of a line of Resistance Budgies.  I have an idea for coopting a Budgie Brigade in supporting local good causes, as part of the Good People Doing Something that seems more vital than ever right now.  More later, once I've finished at least one budgie! It will be a participatory enterprise, blogistas to be included in it.

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  1. Oh, I love how this is shaping up! The thought of you making many more of them give me a great thrill! Can't wait to see the finished look, especially with input from the birdie!


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