Sunday, August 20, 2017

Budgie mugshots

So the first budgie is done.  Knitted, stitched, perched in branches, he's official now.

 Seen from each side

and front view

Among the Most Wanted Budgies.  That frontal shot is really malevolent.  Peck you as soon as look at you. If you see this bird, do not approach him. Armed and dangerous.  Call your Budgie Emergency Squad.

I used beads for eyes, then stitched over the knitting with gold threads and various embroidery flosses.  The tricky part is to stitch without drawing out stuffing along with the floss.  I used raw cotton for stuffing, very soft, much nicer to handle than batting.

So here's the first of what might be a group.  Anyone have a good name for my First Resistance Budgie?


  1. Oh he is very delightful! I think Ernest would a lovely name for him.

  2. What a truly marvelous creation. The eyes make him special if a bit spooky. I'd keep him away from the Dollivers for the time being...Ernest works for me, too.


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