Saturday, July 22, 2017

The last of the onions, and a new adventure suddenly happens

So I used up the last of the yellow onions, plus the liquid they cooked in.  

It made a baker's dozen of sheets, 

now drying on the patio, with the interference of starlings running about on them, but if they leave footprints, that will be good.

And in the middle of various other things, this happened:

no, not Marigold, she's a permanent happening, I mean the wedding sari. Which she approved to the point of wanting to sleep on it.  A friend moving away is downsizing, and entrusted it to me, can't keep it, and  she generously said okay to cut it, remove embroidery, whatever.  But I instantly decided on a different idea, and said, no, I wouldn't cut it, too precious.  And to see what happened to it, you need to consult Field and Fen.

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