Monday, July 24, 2017

Paper finale for now

The abaca laminated papers, the ones with daylily stems embedded, are now in the process of becoming an artwork, with metallic paints, to simulate beaten metal.  

 They might be separated a bit in the final presentation, not decided yet.  Two of them might also end up being book covers.

Then there's the array of local fiber papers, about a dozen of each in a post, and local means gathered within about ten feet of my house.

 Seen here, top left red onion skin, iris with abaca, next row left yellow onion skin, oriental lily, bottom row left iris with cotton linters, daylily flower.

These are all the natural colors of the paper, no coloring added, and you can see that there's an array.  I still have a bag of dried iris foliage to use, but that can wait a bit, since it's already dry enough to be inert and not urgent to use quickly.  So I have quite an output.  The one that smells a bit strong is the yellow onion paper, so on a dry day I may put it out to air a bit.

And that's the current adventure more or less complete.


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  1. I forgot to mention that I made a couple of reed pens with stems from daylily stems,dried. Vut on an angle.


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