Saturday, June 10, 2017

Plein air, at home

My hopes for a revival of our plein air group having faded with lack of interest, nothing daunted, I set up at home today for myself, on the patio, to just fool about with materials.

This is not designed as a single painting, just a series of images and trials to get my hand back in after a very long break from painting and drawing.  First I had to find the materials, plenty of exercise trotting up and down stairs to assemble them.

Then I made a sort of compendium work, a bunch of images on one page, not intended to be a single painting, drew, then painted, then once dry, drew again.  And cut them into a group of smaller works, which might become an accordion book, or might be part of a mailbag, in which I'm far behind on account of May being one damn thing after another. 

 Anyway, right now, they're filling this little portfolio I showed you a while back.  These portfolios are the greatest thing. Really glad I started making them.

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