Wednesday, June 7, 2017

ArtJam ends, happily for moi

ArtJam, the annual popup gallery exhibit benefiting Homefront, ended today, and I picked up my pieces, and found that I had made a sale!  this is always exciting, never gets old.  And this time the fee would be shared with Homefront, so that's exciting, too, donating to them.

It's a piece called Tidepool, in fact I think I got the title from a reader of this blog.  It's a mixed media piece, with stitching on net, beading, and painting on Tyvek attacked with a hot iron.  In fact quite small, 8x8 inches, though it looks big in the pic.  I'm so glad it went to a new home, and hope the new owner enjoys having it. 

I was still using a tired old digi camera when I did this pic, so it's dimmer than the ones I make with the tablet.  Tyvek is that material that you see wrapped around houses, and also as those white envelopes that courier services use.  It feels like paper, but is plasticized and won't tear.  You paint it, then it shrivels up dramatically when you apply a hot iron, using parchment paper to save the iron, and is a very exciting material to use.  You learn how to make holes where you want them, and creases where you want them.  

With this piece, I had made the painted Tyvek background separately from stitching the beads onto net. Some stitcher friends were intrigued by the apparently invisible work I was doing, at stitch-in, applying beads in mid air, since the net was almost not there!

It never gets old when someone wants to live with an artwork I've made.

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