Saturday, April 15, 2017

Two Artist Books and How They Happened

Among other new creations, here are two artist books I'm happy about.

One is made from the daylily paper I made from foliage growing in my yard last year, with the addition of a beaded fringe donated by a friend who had leftovers and thought I could use it.

The construction was: first glue pages together at left edges.  Then stitch over the gluing to secure the paper.  Then add the trim, using white liquid glue.  Press under heavy weight overnight.

This book is a work in itself, doesn't really need further content.  It's the book concept, not a literal book to write or draw in or read.  It's wonderful to handle, so alive.  The front cover is painted with copper acrylic paint. The shape of the paper dictates how the paint lies, so really the design is all about fluid dynamics. As much art is.

The other is a hacked cover from one of those ancient notebooks you get at booksales, pages removed, and the cover and spine painted with liquid acrylic metallics.  The design on the cover is a piece of leftover acrylic paint from the dish, dried out into great shape.  You can make this happen by stirring your leftover paint into interesting shapes then letting it dry and peeling it off.

Next Thursday's book making session will be about stitching and inserting a signature into a cover with a spine. A signature is a block of pages. New learning but designed with beginners in mind.

The little notebook will be my sample to show, for people to learn from, so I have to finish it now.

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