Thursday, April 27, 2017

Finale of the Artist in Residence 2017 Portfolios

Today was the last session of the Artist in Residence series on Artist's Books.  The subject today: portfolios.

These are fun to make, and very useful indeed if you're a productive artist needing to store your work interestingly, instead of in drifts under the worktable.

I brought in some of my own to show the techniques and the uses


We had a continuous stream of both participants who got seriously into the work of making their own portfolios, and visitors who wanted to examine the demo table of my own portfolios, complete with my own artwork stored in them.  It was a happy madhouse!  my main job was to keep the work area uncluttered enough so that people could work, and I ended up bringing in another table for supplies.  

There were more books not pictured here, since they were still under way as I snapped pix. Participants created their own portfolios from cardboard, mulberry paper and glue, hinging them, and punching the cover so as to insert ribbon ties. They had a great time using stencils and stamping, as well as selecting from a great range of mulberry paper colors.

I noticed a gender division: several men examined the finished portfolios I brought with interest, but it was women who dived in and made their own.  One was a true beginner who struggled until she got there, then said, right, now I'm going home to make more.  No idea how to do this before, but now I do.

This is why it's such fun to offer sessions like this!



  1. The portfolios look great. I think they may work for storing my unframed but finished needlepoint pieces. I don't always frame them right away and they can get damaged. Thank you for this great idea!
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  2. Now that is a very useful skill to teach - great idea!


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