Friday, April 14, 2017

AIR Week Two the Accordion Book

This week was a hectic one, with continuous occupancy of the chairs and materials, and great excitement as the participants created their first accordion book.  We borrowed the large accordion book made by the local artists' group, and designed by me, several years ago, and I failed to get a pic, because when you're totally busy with teaching and demo'ing, sometimes photos get a back seat!

The Chinese postcard accordion book was really appreciated and several participants are thinking about making something similar from cards and other items currently sitting in a drawer and never looked at.

 Before the arrival of participants, finished books, reference books, and some materials in the process of being unloaded

 This is my own book in progress, originally as an accordion book, but now changed after redesign, and currently being pressed flat, you'll see it in a day or two.  It's now quite different.

They covered the back and front covers with library-donated mulberry paper, choice of colors, and created the internal pages, then the folding.  Finally they inserted a button front and back, and secured with ribbons.  The buttons were paper fasteners, worked a  treat.  And some people stenciled designs on their covers.

They took off so excitedly, with their creations, that I don't think I caught a picture of any of the finished products!  but a friend was there and did get pix of me at work with the group. There were a number of skills to learn here, and the group did very well with them.  One thing that I love to see is when one person who has just got the idea turns to the person next to her to show her, too!  This is teaching at its best, where you quickly dispense with the original teacher and pass on your new knowledge to another student. There was one very young participant, assisting her mother, too, though the series is really for adults. In fact she did well, and her mother was her teacher. I had everyone sign their completed book to show they were pleased with it.  

We also had a number of lookers at the completed books, just intrigued with the idea of the artist's book and what it is, and observing how the participants were totally engrossed in their creations.

And I had a surprise visit later, at home, from one participant, bringing with her a friend who wanted to know how her daughter could learn!  I gave her my card and referred her to this blog, since her daughter is not home at the time of the residency sessions.  The sessions don't usually run into my home hours!

Next week yet to be decided!  some experiments in the next day or two.  It's important to stick with the sort of book people can make as total beginners, and feel happy with completing in a session. So that takes a bit more thought.  But it will be fun.


  1. I really love the idea of making postcards into an accordion book! Do you have any tips on how to join the postcards without damaging them?

  2. Just little hinges of scotch tape. Postcards are usually coated, so the tape peels off without doing any damage.

  3. If you want an email response, please use that, not the unknown function.

  4. That's brilliant. Thanks so much for the help! I can't wait to try this idea out


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