Friday, March 3, 2017

The Advent of Charlie, at least his fur

Charlie is a cat with a luxuriant coat, who sheds mightily a couple of times a year, and Judy, his tame person, sent me a bag of it recently to experiment with on the spindle.  They live several hundred miles north of here, so his scent has never been in our house. Read on!

So I carded some of the fur, to release the mats, and organize the fiber direction, and found that the electrostatic charge on cat fur is massive!  much greater than that of any other fiber I've carded. 

And that once I took a handful of a lovely cloud of fur, it promptly resumed its mats. Ah.  I need to see how to deal with this.  I did spin some up, just to see, but it was not very willing to draft.  

You see the fluffy grey fiber on the spindle, added onto another experiment that was already on there.  And you'll see that the mats are right back there in the fiber waiting to be spun. I think this is the right weight of spindle for this fiber, though.  And, in case you wondered, it smells perfectly clean and good.

I think the next stage is to card it with another fiber, and have a mixed yarn result, both to cut down the electricity and to enable better drafting.  And it will be a chance to blend colors, too.

Meanwhile, Duncan and Marigold were deeply suspicious of this strange fur that suddenly appeared on Their Table.  Duncan shot me the look of the greatest accusation: you cheated, you've been seeing Another Cat!   in fact I had bi level accusations going at one point, Marigold down on the floor, glaring at me.

They are not at all sure I should be continuing with this new fiber, but I will anyway.  Stealthily.  But I think I'll put it high up when I'm not working on it, to avoid an ambush from the residents.


  1. oh this is funny. especially the look of outrage from Duncan. Another Cat, eh. In MY HOUSE.
    As I said, if it doesnt work, that's cool, and im sure the birds would love the new fluffy stuff for their nests. It might also incorporate itself with other spinning materials, maybe cut down on the electric shock factor.

    And thank you for calling me Charlie's tame human. I do try to live up to their standards.

  2. Gingery golden? Is this Buddha? Is it fluffy? The fluff factor is important in spinning so the fibers cling together. If it's from some fluffy critter I will be glad to include it in my ongoing fiber experiments. I wonder if I should get a white coat with my name on the lapel?

    I think the cats were afraid they might find the owner of the fur expired somewhere! They sesrched about anxiously before deciding on the default position:Blame Her!

    1. I have to Furminate B this weekend. I'll take a pic of the fur that comes out. I think it is soft and fluffy, but I don't know if it's what you need to mix in. It doesn't mat up, that I know. I wonder also if the cat hair you have would sort of "bond" or "coat" a yarn you already have. Sort of like making a virtue out of the way pet hair has of bonding with one's clothes.

  3. Just found your comment, K. It had gone into spam..yes, let's see what B can yield! the main thing is that it needs to be at least a few inches long, so as to be able to handle it for spinning. And yes, it would blend with other fibers to spin, that's my next trick with Charlie's hair. I'll card it together with other fiber then spin from there.

    And who knows, we may end up with a Buddha/Charlie Abstract Portrait Weaving! B's a lovely color, so I'm hopeful there.

    Are there many people whose friends send them pet hair through the mail? asking for a friend..


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