Saturday, March 25, 2017

Old images, new ideas

Still thinking about artist books, and about the silk transparency work, and I was playing about with my ancient Ipod, the one that's too old to upgrade, but the doodle function works, and I can email from it.

So I did, after creating a few new images, and picking out some older ones from the library on the Ipod.  Emailed, that is, then uploaded to here. These will be maybe parts of artist books, maybe parts of transparency layers, yet to decide. Maybe both, in fact.  Just thought I'd show you my current very unfinished thinking around these ideas.  I can use a non watermarked version of them when I want to apply them to transparency on silk, but I watermarked them here to show original ownership.

 These might be layered on one another, or might go with other artwork pix, still a question. Or I might  use them as stitching designs.  Or all the above.  I rarely do human images n this sort of work, not liking the literal feeling of them so much, but once in a while, I try one just in case. The face images I did in the silk series have been very well received. I think it's because people like something recognizable to hang onto when they see an artwork.

I like very much the way you can get transparent effects with this function, and it reminded me of the silk pieces.  Transparency has always been a great interest to me, done many artworks featuring it or referring to it as a concept. 

And as always, I welcome your input and thoughts on all this mass of ideas, heaving and swirling about in my poor old brain!


  1. I love these and can hardly wait to see what--if anything--you do with them.

  2. Ethereal. Colorful. Food for thought. The more one views one of these creations, the more one sees in it. Really beautiful, Liz. Phyllis


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