Saturday, March 11, 2017

Artist Book Residency Prep under way

April is going to be a busy month around here.  My Artist in Residence stint is to be four Thursdays in April, 2-4 p.m. in Plainsboro Public Library, please stop in and watch or try your hand.  

It's a drop in, no charge, event, you can watch, chat, try, at will.  It's for adult participation only this time around, but kids welcome to watch.  I'll bring in materials so if you want to try, there will be enough to get started on while you're there.  Most people can't stay the whole time, but stop in when they can.

It takes a lot of background work to make this look easy and flowing!  so here's what was up yesterday, at least some of it:

And I'll be showing with Creative Collective in two exhibits both starting April.  One is in West Windsor Library, for the month of April, and here's what I'm bringing to that exhibit:

Then, April to early July, at Chambers' Walk Cafe in Lawrenceville NJ, and here's what I'll be showing there

These are all artworks which are now printed on transparent silk and layered. They look different from different angles, and in different lights, interesting effects of having separate images overlaid on one another.

Aside from what I'm showing, Creative Collective shows are really good, plenty of award winning and exciting art is the norm there, well worth seeking out.

Did I mention that at some point amidst all this, all my windows at home are due to be replaced?  don't know yet when, still waiting for the contractor to get them...we shall survive all this.

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  1. So busy! I hope all your creative endeavors are rewarding for you as well as your viewers and participants.
    On the window replacement, the toughest part may be keeping the cats entertained and away from the action. In my experience, the actual work goes remarkably quickly!


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