Monday, February 13, 2017

Ellen Wilkinson in new jacket and dress outfit, insists on quiet

Ellen might have a hard time around here, what with Dollivers and the Kennels, and the Tinies, and Elton belting out tunes, when she's trying to get on with her legislative planning work.  

So she's ensconced in the little rocker one floor away from the noisy group, and is quite pleased with her new jacket and dress outfit, suitable for office wear.  

She plans on not following the Westminster AKC Dog Show.  Such a workaholic.  She wasn't even keen on spending time on the fitting of the jacket and posing for the photoshoot.  The Dollivers are baffled.

The agility section got off to a wonderful start -- did you see the beagle? great at actual agility but saw no reason not to look around now and then, and stop at the top of the climber to wag at the crowd, and down on the rug to do a quick cleaning job...he was as star turn.  I wonder if there is a trophy for Funniest Hound? typical beagle ham.  Pretends he can't do the weave, runs off. Then comes back and does a weave a border collie would be proud of. We need dogs in our lives!

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