Thursday, February 9, 2017

Art keeps breaking through, and so does the mailbag

Today, midst blizzard and various concerns about Handsome Son having to get into work, which he did no problem, he tells me, he could have made a better story of it...anyway, the big verdict on the travel ban came down amidst my work in art and the February mailbag, and running an online quiz, and mucho cooking. And it sounded like a welcome bit of good news, for now.

So, it's the Shakuhachi effect, everything that happens happens, and it's not an interruption of something else.  And I was deep into my February mailbag, so this was good.  The mailbag is small, but lovely, heh.

Anyway, I try to share it around so that people in my address book, and if I don't have your address, you could remedy that..anyway, from the people in my book, each month a different group.  Great fun to do.  I even rounded the cards' corners so that they'd travel safely in the mail.  My loss of faith in my local post office is complete, since some people got last month's mailbag three weeks late..but I will mail from the next town where I have a meeting tomorrow.

So here's the bag, original landscapes, using alcohol, Sharpie and watercolor crayon.  Custom made! Colors are brighter than seen here, since the white paper tends to shine through for the camera lens.

The mailbag does tend to draw me back into painting, and that's very good, when fibers are trying to ensnare me..

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