Tuesday, February 7, 2017

A doll emerges, complete with her own personality

So today, I wrote a little list of all the things I have to attend to, in order to stop having to think about them all at the same time. And making the doll was on there.

So I thought, fine, let's see if my thumb's up to it.  And took a closer look at the doll parts and realized I'd done the hardest sewing back when I knitted them.  All the parts complete and only needing to be stuffed and joined up.

The funny thing about doll making is that a personality emerges whether you want it to or not.  It did with the Dollivers, and this little doll, half their size, starting out from a Duchess Kate pattern, suddenly turned into Ellen Wilkinson, and if you don't know about her, go here.  

She was a powerful orator, a tiny redhaired woman, my mom's heroine in politics, our local MP as well as a national dynamo.  So when she started showing up, I had to card some red handspun yard, for red hair, and I couldn't resist giving her suffragist type clothes and posing her with my Hillary ballot.  I think she would have approved.  She usually wore a two piece skirt suit, as far as I know, not a snappy dresser, too busy doing her job, really.

Not so surprising that she emerged, perhaps, since I was making the doll while live tweeting and hearing the proceedings of the dramatic court proceedings this afternoon in the SF federal circuit court hearing on the Trump immigration ban. When the moment is right, the doll appears.

What a time to be alive.  Powerful women lawyers commenting and explaining throughout, via Twitter, powerful female federal judge on the panel examining the case.  I was engrossed even in the machinery of the law, where they were arguing whether a stay or a writ of mandamus would have been correct, and who had standing and how, and so on.  

And when the DOJ lawyer complained that things were moving so fast, the judge shot back, well, it was the government who forced the speed by filing the emergency request.  In other words, a different way of appealing it would have allowed the court to keep the stay until full deliberations were completed, giving lawyers time to prepare. The government shot itself in the legal foot by its dramatic reaction.  Couldn't help feeling that the DOJ was not very well served by its lawyers.  And the other side was stronger. But we'll see how this comes out.

Rapidly developing into a shade tree lawyer here! 

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