Saturday, December 31, 2016

Current Weaving, the b side

Here's the other side of the cardboard loom, with the second weaving in progress, what you might call the b side if you remember vinyl.

The blue section at the top is, I think, silk, anyway, it drafted and spun like buttah, just lovely to handle;  there will be other blue and purplish shades for the sky area of this landscape. The red and white, which will suggest wildflowers, I spun then plied just enough for this section.  And for the section with a bit of sparkle, wheat shining in a breeze, I plied a gold embroidery thread with a Coopworth homespun I'd spun and dyed. I fact, come to think of it, I plied the first four sections, starting at the bottom and working up.

I just thought you'd like to see that it is possible to use both sides of your loom at once, with the one warping. I did this on the sawblade, if you remember, worked a treat.  No need to get all organized and warping a second time when the stuff's already there waiting.  Unless you really love warping, and I don't know of anyone who really does. I'm being pretty careful to maintain the same width as on the first weaving, to make it a companion piece.

So my new year in art will be about more spinning, and maybe building a couple of spindles.  I still need a few little hooks for the top of the ones I made, before I find out if they're working well.

And if you are thinking about new adventures in art, maybe for the first time, go for it!  nothing to lose, a lot of fun to gain.

Happy New Year!

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