Sunday, December 4, 2016

Art reception at Plainsboro Library. Liz Aubrey's "Soul Scapes"

This afternoon, painter Liz Aubrey gave an artchat at the reception for her solo show currently at Plainsboro Library Gallery, to a keen crowd.  Very high level art, and if you're local, make a point of getting there.  All the hours the library is open, the gallery is, too. The exhibit stays up till January 4, 2017.

She's a local person, and the landscape and surroundings of New Jersey, from farmland to turnpike, are part of her mental raw material, not in a literal, but in a metaphorical way.

She brought with her notebooks full of preparatory drawings and thumbnails, always created with the goal of  composition in mind. 

She's a true painter -- it's not the narrative that matters, it's the success of the overall composition which gives it meaning and illustrates the intent.  And she's generous, sharing all the material she brought so as to illustrate the points she was making.

You see certain colors recurring, blue and orange, and the wintry colors of landscape when the trees are bare, part of her visual vocabulary.  Very satisfying to see and study and let the art unfold as you observe it. 

Not many pix, a lot of people milling about, but I secured a few examples, and Liz posed for us in front of one of her works. She let me choose which one, which I thought very courteous and friendly.

Among the artists and civilians (!) attending was Mel Leipzig, prominent artist and longtime teacher, who has followed her work since its inception and was very warm in his praises.  Mel has long since retired from teaching, but is still a working artist, and supporter of the arts in the region, as well as a much-loved figure in the art world.

A number of Creative Collective artists came, too, and we had a mini reunion.  All in all, this was a five star Sunday afternoon.

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