Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Sad Day, but art heals

This morning when I woke to news I didn't expect nor welcome, I wondered for a moment whether I should get up at all.  Then after a few minutes with two cats purring on my chest, I decided, oh well, art is vital, always will be, no matter what.

And today I had to take in three pieces to an exhibit at Homefront, The Gratitude Show, a joint show by Creative Collective artists and the artists of Homefront, run as a benefit for Homefront.

This seemed all the more important to get my art in there this morning, this being one of the more significant things I can do this year, and certainly today.  So these three pieces, created from my handmade daylily paper, will be hung there.

Titled In the Clearing I, II and III, the message is that I'm grateful for the gifts of nature which enable me to make my own materials for art.

If you're local, see here for details on Homefront and directions; the Gratitude exhibit is at the Family Campus in Ewing.  Opening on November 9 and running to January 4, there will be a reception December 11 from 1-3, and all are invited! please come, support the artists of Creative Collective as well as the artists of Homefront and the organization that partners with them in rebuilding their lives.

If you can't come to the reception, you can call Director Ruthann Traylor at 609 883 7500 x316 and arrange a time to attend and enjoy a wonderful display of art, and maybe buy yourself a little something for the holidays, or to remember a friend who loves original art.  And Homefront more than ever needs the support from this exhibit.

This morning, on 11.9, delivering art after stunning and frightening news, bookended that terrible morning on 9.11 when I delivered art to another group show, deciding that no matter what, art must go on.  All the artists showed up then, without even discussing whether we should.  And I think today at Homefront the same will happen.  Art rises above the events of the day.


margaret said...

here in the UK we are so shocked at your news in the USA. Liking your work and I am sure will attract lots of comments at the show

Quinn said...

I like these pieces a lot, Liz. Probably even more in person :)

Bren said...

Many of us have struggled through 8 years & seen our country torn apart. We are happy to give someone a chance & ask God's blessings on this man and pray that it will extend to our country. I hope you will feel better in time.

Boud said...

A gracious note from a winner, thank-you.