Monday, November 7, 2016

Fingerless Gloves, aka displacement activity

You know how cats do all sorts of things when anxious or hoping to conceal a mistake?  known as displacement activity, it's seen as a way to defuse tension and anxiety.

I think my current knitting and spinning come under the same heading.  And to prove it, here are the two pairs of fingerless gloves I made over the course of a few days when I was also doing a lot of other things.  The upcoming election is the cause of much displacement activity stress reduction, in forms varying from comfort food, to knitting, to frantic emailing, to walking briskly, to tea drinking,  and who knows how much else.

The white ones, the homespun, stay with me, fine by me, bumpy beginner spinning, but I'm proud of it anyway, the brown ones, storebought yarn, go to Handsome Son, who picked the yarn out of my small stash.  

I originally had this brown yarn to knit comfort dolls for African children attended by an AIDS clinic, and used that color at the request of Billy, from ICROSS Canada, who said most of the children were very dark skinned and really wanted dolls like them, not the pink-faced ones people often knit by default.   HS was torn over the choice between this and an exciting dark grey....which I had to make doll wigs with.  But he loves his choice, so fiiiiiine.

Now wondering if spinning will work today, or if I should cast on some other item, who knows what.

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  1. well done with your first pair of gloves that you spun yorself.


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