Saturday, October 1, 2016

Stars aside, printing on silk continues

This is possibly one of the most interesting ideas I ever had.  Like image transfer only better, like making artworks one at a time only better, like endless chances for inventing and recombining, it's all that.

I mean printing your own artwork out on silk organza, transparent, and wonderful when you peel the silk off the backing and this amazing transparent image floats about in front of you. Then you overlay it with other artworks and new works appear that never existed before in the separate artworks.  And you can switch the overlay to see what happens next.  

This kind of play is a wonderful place to be in, just visual excitement and enjoyment going on all at once.  Later comes the issue of framing and presentation, but this doesn't need to be considered at this point.

Here is what happened today, anyway, and a throwback to an earlier trial

 Lichen overlaid over flower drawing

Fish monotyped on canvas, (a tote bag, full disclosure!) printed on silk with silk underlay

Red Orchid watercolor over cicada ink drawings

Cicada over stitched goldwork on linen printed on silk

Goldwork stitching on linen over cicada drawings, printed on silk

And the cartridge is running out of color, so I seize the opportunity to get broken and patchy color while I can get it.  I have new cartridges on order, and then the colors will be more literal.  But for now, the pink and blue ranges are working fine.

These are all 8 x 11 inches, though the original artworks vary a lot from that.  The cicadas blew up into massive size, and I still like them.  The other works were much larger and the reduction still works okay.  

So the silk overlay adventure is definitely on track.

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  1. you have found a very interesting technique to try here and it works so well such creativity you share with us


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