Monday, September 26, 2016

Plein Air with Friends and Dollivers

As promised, the Dollivers who weren't in on the baking the other day got to come out for plein air today.  They were wanting black berets made for the occasion, but I refused to do this, and they grudgingly agreed to wear regular hats at a jaunty angle to show they are artistes. Left to right Dreads, Bette Davis and CallmeMichelle

So here they are, gowned and bagged, or as they say, bound and gagged, ready to get in the car.

And we had a wonderful morning, perfect Fall weather, hoping for more plein air weeks before the season gets too cool. One of our members, Anthony, was wondering if he could find an indoor location where we could meet and continue, so we'll see.

We were also joined by a tiny bug who took up residence on my paper

really, everyone wants their moment of fame. You see him later, after I drew on this sheet.  He also served as a great model for a potential bookmark drawing.  Jeanne named him Henry, since he seemed determined to be with the group.

And my friends were patient with Dolliver antics, 

Jeanne admired them appropriately, and generally pacified them, once they realized she fully saw their Importance as Blog Characters, not to mention their great beauty and outfits. 

And  Colleen guessed Dreads' name without a prompt! this went over well.  Particularly since Dreads was all about leading Colleen through an experimental drawing of large headed figures.

Today I was drawing, not painting -- after teaching the workshop I just felt like drawing for myself, including drawing on colored paper, sheets of which I also gave out to other members this morning. 

I used pen, chalk, graphite stick and three colors of paper. Nice variety to the morning. Reading down, ink on mulberry, pencil on canary paper, ink on white paper, graphite stick on heavier paper.  Interesting to see the varying lines and weight you can get.

Plein air is the best way you can start the week. Monday morning at 10.  If you're local to the Princeton area and reading this, get in touch with me, or comment here and I'll give you exact directions.  

Anyone may join us, just show up with your materials, ready to work and share, and you're included. You'll note that I do not show pix of other artists work in full, out of respect for their ownership. You see a glimpse here and there, but the full image is not shown, unless the artist says to go ahead.


  1. How good to be meeting like this with likeminded creators, loving the crochet and of course the drawing are as usual so well done. Fingers crossed to find somewhere to meet in the warm during the winter your little friend Henry will want to be out of the cold too!!

  2. The greenhouses at colleges can make nice indoor (but outdoorish) places for creative meetings, if that's an option in your area.

  3. That's a thought. I will pass it on and let Anthony pick up the baton.


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