Monday, September 12, 2016

Plein air, and some weird results!

On the way down the path to the car this morning, I saw this little friend, making pretty good speed considering, across my path.  

I wondered if this was a sign from the universe to calm down, the tortoise, or snail, will get there just as well as the mad rush. His shell is a wonderful design, shape and color working so well. And his choice of background is great, too, contrasting textures with harmonizing colors.

Weather great for working outdoors today, but the convo was so engrossing, all over the place with the state of the gig economy, the struggles of our younger generation, township planning, and the state of the weather,  that I wasn't as much into the art as usual. 

I let the brush and the colors do what they wanted, just to see what happened.  Four small paintings on one page, which I separated later.

A morning of here goes nothing!  but it's a good thing now and then to just do this without thinking about anything, just set aside all the art decisions you usually work with when you're painting. 

I can always concentrate again when I recover from the long siege of heat and humidity which may have slowed down my whole self for the moment.

It certainly took its toll on dreams. I'm having the usual masses of them, but they are so DULL!  My brain can't summon up any excitement, I guess.  Last night it was about a meeting with a town official, in life long since retired, and in the course of it referring to a run-in I'd had in another dream with another official!  I mean, when your dreams are reduced to quoting other dreams full of boring arguments,  you know your brain is a bit tired. Either that or you're following too much political news.


dogonart said...

Time for a trip to Cape May ?

mittens said...

not sure I've ever had any dialogue dreams with old dialogue...mine are almost non memorable these days, except for the car disaster dreams, which every one gleefully assures me is a definite sign of car problems up ahead...

Enjoy your boring dreams, they're a lot better than the ones where you wake up thinking, why am I screaming?