Monday, September 5, 2016

Plein air and paintseptember more small paintings

Today was another batch of small paintings, working on being loose in a very small image size.  

Great fun in good company with Jeanne and Anthony.  The hurricane never happened here, to misquote Eliza Doolittle, so the weather was perfect for outdoors, slight wind, sun and cloud, interesting shadows and moving foliage.

To answer Asha's recent question: all my artwork is for sale, including the small drawings and paintings you see on my blog. Mostly you need to let me know specifically what you're interested in and I'll quote you.  Very reasonable prices, since I believe everybody should be able to afford original art.

On the small drawings and paintings I did over August and now September, price is $30 per drawing or  painting plus $5 s and h, price in US $.  I don't reproduce my work, so you get a one of a kind original artwork.  Email me if you're interested.And thank you for the enthusiasm, Ash!

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