Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Plainsboro Artists Reception September 2016 Square One

Last evening, the reception for the Plainsboro Artists Square One Group show and awards was packed with artists, families, friends, and innocent bystanders. A lot of fun ensued as we all used the QR, quick response, codes, one under each artwork.  You see that in progress below

That's the one you aim your smartphone at and it takes you to a reference point, chosen by the artist in this case, and submitted a while back as jpegs to the gallery manager, Donna S, who arranged to get the codes created.  

Mine took the viewer to an image of the vat of daylily foliage cooking to make the daylily paper.  Others went to a quotation or poem that triggered the idea, or to an image of an earlier version or an underpainting of the work on exhibit.

Quite a few artists are low on the technology foodchain, and gallery manager Donna provided an Ipad already loaded with the QR app, so that we could explore after seeing the finished work.  Much tech education took place in a short time!  There was also a printed list of the links for people with no smartphone but willing to type the links into a search engine.  This was a whole new level of gallery going.

And the art was strong, too, great range of work.  Three awards, work shown below. 

This piece, untitled, is a watercolor on masa paper, by Allison Singer, whose code took the reader to a YouTube video of her in the process.  Use her name and masa paper as descriptors if you want to see her at work.

This two part piece, by Evie Sutkowski is a double collage, the parts different from each other but relating at many points.

This piece, entitled "The Clearing" is familiar to blogistas, and is the work I made using daylily foliage, acrylic metallics and stamping.

I wonder if you can aim your smartphone at the images in this blogpost and get to the sources?  let me know if you try and it works.  It just now occurred to me that it might.

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